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Odjent Odjent

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sounds awesome! love the beefy distortion tone, sounds like old scar symmetry tone

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Kinda does, good call! Thanks for the review!\m/

Elegancia - Creatures Elegancia - Creatures

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daaayuuummmmmnnn gurl! you gots style :)
oh and welcome back!

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Elegancia responds:

Ha! Bet you didn't expect a girl ;)
Glad you liked my Song :))
and thanks!

Your part Loop Your part Loop

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not bad man, cant wait to hear the whole thing!

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CrustICroC responds:


Dadada Dadada

Rated 4 / 5 stars

not bad

pretty good man! im not usually big on the whole "fast-paced electronic" thing but its got a great sound to it!

St0ic responds:

It's actually written for a studio band. 3 Guitar tracks, bass, drums, piano and synth. I hear what you're saying, though. It started morphing as I was writing it and here we are! :-P

Oh, and thanks! :-)

The Fate Of Tuesday The Fate Of Tuesday

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as an owner of all digitech pedals

i feel ya man, i have two digitech integrated FX switchers (RP500 for direct recording and a really old RP100) as well as a digitech metal master pedal, and you're right, they do give a faint fuzziness as well as very weak distortion on the switchers, which is why i bought the metal master. idk why i have all digi's, lol guess i just like keeping it in family. brilliant tones man!

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Thanks man. Yeah, I was using the GNX 3000 for the last few. Brilliant for vocals, and I definitely had fun with it. My last song Dead Inside was all digitech, including the beat. haha. But the tones are mostly based on tube amps, and tube fuzz. Which isn't for me. But pretty cool stuff for any guitarist. On my way to check your stuff. Cheers, bro.


Buttersnips (Quick Cover) Buttersnips (Quick Cover)

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just saw these guys last week in houston, they put on a fuck of a show dude!
great job btw

Guitar and strings Guitar and strings

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beautiful man...

...just beautiful

Menu-Music-Man responds:

Yes you are! Thanks

It All Begins (Instrument It All Begins (Instrument

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like the clarity

as a fellow seven-string user, i really enjoy it when people try to extend their range, it shows off a great understanding of the guitar. i was wondering what you use to record, because i use my DigiTech RP500 which hooks directly, via usb, to my laptop, but if i use any heavy distortion it just doesnt sound as good as it does when i record clean, i want to try to record heavier music.

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underjollyroger responds:

For this recording i used, believe it or not, audacity.
I used The Metal Foundry expansion for Superior Drummer 2.1 for the drums,
all synth came courtesy of a few plugins in FM8. I used Fruity Loops 8.5 to string all the midi devices together, i exported each individual drum and synth track to a .wav file, plugged them all into audacity, then from there i fiddled with volume levels and then EQ'ed each individual track for the most optimal sound.

The guitar tracks were recorded straight into audacity using my extremely old "Realistic Stereo Mixing Console," which is basically a little 3 track recorder, and the mic i put up to my guitar amp was a 1978 Unidyme III Dynamic Model PE54D. I was honestly just as surprised as you were that it sounded this good.

Equipment used as far as the guitar goes:
Ibanez RG 7321 with the new Wizard 3 neck and improved bridge system
My cabinet is an old late 80's model Dean Markley 4x12.
I used a Peavey 100 watt Valve King head with stock 6L6's in it, i plan on replacing them soon with Slovakian Groove Tube 6L6's with a rating of 5.
I also used a noise suppressor, and an ORIGINAL Ts-10 tube screamer, which are relatively hard to come by these days.

Any other questions feel free to send me a PM =)